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pt prima perkasa raya

Aircraft Parts





PT Prima Perkasa Raya is aircraft parts supplier in Indonesia. Since 2004, PT Prima Perkasa Raya has exceeded the expectation of its customers in terms of quality, services and the products it supplies. An important difference distinguishing PT Prima Perkasa Raya from others are the innovative way of spare parts sourcing, provisioning and primary focus on quality products supplied to the customer.




We supports a wide variety of instrumentation including the CASA CN-235, CASA-212, AS-332 Super Puma, SA-330 Puma.




Our serve:

- Aircraft Hardware & Air  Frame

- Aircraft Instruments & Avionics

- Engine Parts Rotor & Propeller

- Landing System

- Ground Support Equipment. 

Latest News

We are continuously enhancing our operations to improve efficiency and to meet the evolving needs of our customers. As part of our continuous improvement effort, this website has been redesigned from to enhance our company's web presence, provide information on our products and services, enhance our e-commerce capabilities and to address feedback comments received from customers.This will allow PT Prima Perkasa Raya and our customers to be successful and meet our goals together.

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